New COAG report on waste bans strategy


Mar 26, 2020

New COAG report on waste bans strategy

This COAG waste response strategy and circular economy report released amid the COVID-19 crisis has been prepared by the Commonwealth, state and territory governments, and the Australian Local Government Association. The response strategy is intended to do two things: the first is to explain what the export ban involves, which materials are affected, and the timeframes for implementation. The second is to set out the system-level and material-specific challenges and complementary actions needed by all levels of government and industry to support transition to the ban and drive broader long-term change in Australia’s waste and recycling sector, for a circular economy. Based on the challenges and opportunities outlined in this document, Commonwealth, state and territory governments will announce specific commitments in the lead up to the ban’s commencement. See here for the 13 March COAG communique and the below ‘download’ button for direct access to the report.



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