We’re on a mission to fast track the circular economy


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We’re here to support change as we restore our economy and remove waste from our systems.


Circular economy is about decoupling economic growth from virgin resource use. Circular design of products, services and systems keep resources in the market longer, enabling sharing and reuse business models to become business as usual.

$4 trillion

Valuation of the circular economy opportunity to the global economy by 2030.


number of new full time jobs the circular economy can generate in Australia

$210 Billion

estimated economic benefit to Australia’s GDP from circular solutions.


of waste generated in NSW each year goes to landfill, costing businesses and households over $750m in waste levies

Our strategic plan

The circular economy is here, and we need to get ready. Businesses and governments are leading the way with big changes that will make our planet more sustainable and resilient.

Companies are designing out waste by making products that last and can be repaired. Next-generation infrastructure and services are allowing people to generate energy and water locally, reducing costs and creating an abundance of sustainable resources that can be shared. People are also sharing mobility saving money and carbon.

NSW Circular is on a mission to remove barriers to the circular economy future. Join our mission and be part of the new economy.

NSW Circular Strategic Plan


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New CEO at NSW Circular

New CEO at NSW Circular

ISSUED BY THE OFFICE OF THE NSW CHIEF SCIENTIST & ENGINEER The NSW Circular Economy Innovation Network, which operates under the name ‘NSW Circular’ has announced that highly respected industry figure Lisa McLean has been appointed its first CEO. NSW Circular...

Making high value products from agricultural waste

Making high value products from agricultural waste

This case study comes from University of Adelaide. Sunscreen from mushroom waste, healthy skincare products from apples and berries, and high-tech materials from Brussels sprout stalks – these are some high value products that could be first to market from a new $11...

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