About us

NSW Circular is an initiative of the NSW Government through the Office of Chief Scientist & Engineer to bring together stakeholders from across Government, Industry, Research Organisations and Communities, with UNSW Sydney appointed as Host.

Established in 2019, the network aims to enhance sustainability by contributing to the development of a circular economy where there is a more sustainable approach to the design of goods and services, use of resources and management of waste.

The Network develops and runs a series of stakeholder workshops to identify opportunities, and provides tools and resources solve problems, foster innovation and deliver socio-economic benefits (skills, jobs and solutions) to the NSW community.

Professor Veena Sahajwalla, Founding Director of the UNSW Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) Centre, is the Director for NSW Circular and is supported by Co-Director, Ashley Brinson, who is Executive Director of the Warren Centre at Sydney University. Anders Hallgren is the Chief Operating Officer.

Who we are

NSW Circular is an innovation network established by the NSW Government to support the transition to a Circular Economy.  

Our Vision is to mainstream the Circular Economy in broad aspects of business and everyday life to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to NSW.

Our Mission is to solve problems, create pathways to markets, and foster innovation through a more sustainable approach to design/production, use of resources and recycling of waste to create value.

What we do

We broker projects and foster collaboration among government (local and state), industry, research organisations and communities to overcome barriers to adopting a Circular Economy by:

Connecting: We facilitate workshops, forums and events that involve stakeholders across supply chains, waste streams and regions to allow shared solutions to waste problems in NSW to be developed.

Collaborating: We work with local champions through pilot projects to demonstrate potential solutions that showcase the benefits of the Circular Economy in NSW.  

Communicating: We champion the adoption of Circular Economy solutions through sharing best practice, case studies and initiatives relevant to NSW.

What we offer

Advice and general guidance on Circular Economy initiatives

Access to expertise in the fields of design, production and science around materials recycling

Access to independent commissioned research and analysis capabilities

Case studies and solutions for a range of materials combining technical and innovative general business approaches

Connectivity to leading researchers, materials supply chains, and end-users

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