Victoria announces major waste and recycling initiatives


Feb 25, 2020

Victoria announces major waste and recycling initiatives

Feb 25, 2020

The Victorian Government has made two announcements as the next steps in building a home-grown and lasting recycling system for Victoria.

24 February announcement – container deposit scheme

Victoria will have a container deposit scheme and households will get a new fourth bin, as part of a plan to reduce waste going to landfill by 80 per cent in ten years with a massive overhaul of the state’s waste and recycling system by the Andrews Labor Government.

With widespread disruption to global recycling markets, Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Environment Lily D’Ambrosio today announced the first in a suite of new policies under the Recycling Victoria package, designed to position Victoria as a leader in reusing, reducing and recycling waste.

The $129 million of initiatives announced today to reform kerbside recycling includes the roll out of four colour-coded bins to homes across the state to better sort waste, recyclables and organics:

  • glass recycling – purple lid
  • food and garden organics – green lid
  • plastic, metal and paper recycling – yellow lid
  • household waste – red lid

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25 February announcement – $100m to drive research and processing

As part of its complete overhaul of Victoria’s recycling system, the Andrews Labor Government is delivering investment for the recycling industry, driving innovation, reducing waste and creating the next generation of jobs.

Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio today announced the next step in building a home-grown and lasting recycling system for Victoria.

Nearly $100 million will drive research, expand the local processing and manufacturing industry, create more products from recyclable materials and support new local jobs.

It follows the Labor Government’s decision to implement a container deposit scheme and rollout a new state-wide four-bin system for Victorian households to better collect and sort recyclables, and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

From dealing comprehensively with household waste for the first time to reducing commercial and industrial waste, these measures are part of our 10-year Recycling Victoria plan to reform the way we deal with waste in Victoria, create sustainable industries and create 3,900 new jobs.

The $96.5 million investment announced today will help local businesses give new life to old rubbish – better processing recyclable materials and getting more value from waste by making it available for end-market uses like recycled plastic in railway sleepers or recycled glass in footpaths.

The Labor Government will double funding for businesses to invest in infrastructure to sort and reprocess recyclables for use in manufacturing. This $28 million boost will bring the total funding available through the Recycling Victoria Infrastructure Fund to $56 million.

The package includes $30 million in grants to make Victoria a leader in recycling innovation – creating new products from recycled materials like glass, plastic, organics, electronic waste, concrete, brick and rubber.

The Government will also provide $10 million in grants to help businesses improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and increase recycling in their daily operations – saving them time and money.

A new $7 million Business Innovation Centre will bring together industry, universities and councils to develop new technologies and collaborate on creative solutions to waste challenges.

For waste that can’t be recycled, processors will also be able to access $10 million for waste-to-energy initiatives, minimising the amount of rubbish being sent to landfill, while $11.5 million will go towards treating hazardous waste – protecting the community from illegal chemical stockpiles.

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