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Join us in expanding NSW Circular’s activities with Government; shaping policy for a circular economy to thrive, developing business opportunities and growing the marketplace, attracting jobs and investment at scale.

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 NSW Circular is building a national network of committed experts and organisations working to transition NSW and Australia to a circular economy.

Our nationally-leading circular economy Taskforces are key to achieving this mission, bringing together experts and innovators across finance, research, government, industry and infrastructure. 


Benefits of partnership

Event program: Member-only program of events, meetings and webinars to stay up-to-date on circular economy policy and industry insights 

Working groups: A schedule of meetings of each taskforce to set agendas and work on barriers and opportunities in the circular economy

Insights and information: Access to research, reports, newsletters and alerts with relevant information and insight for circular economy in your sector 

Networking and connectivity: Connection and visibility among NSW Circular partners in Government, research and community

Partner Directory: Listed in partner directory, as well as business directory and experts directory on the NSW Circular website 

Recognition: Badge your organisation as a NSW Circular taskforce member and leader in your sector (Industry, Infrastructure & Precincts, Finance & Investment).

Education: Discounted access to leading circular economy conferences, and skills and capability-building programs that are partnered with NSW Circular.