Event report: Workshop and panel discussion (Gosford)


May 11, 2019

Event report: Workshop and panel discussion (Gosford)

NSW Circular, in partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), jointly hosted a circular economy workshop and panel discussion in Gosford on 7 August. 

Entitled ‘The Path to a Circular Economy’, the theme of the panel discussion was ‘treating waste as a resource within a circular economy’. The event brought together more than 150 stakeholders from across industry, business and government in the Central Coast and Hunter regions.

NSW Circular events introduce and promote the benefits of a circular economy – locally, across NSW and the rest of Australia – as society aims to be more sustainable.

Event 1: Circular Economy Discussion Group (workshop)

Venue: Gosford RSL Club, 26 Central Coast Highway, West Gosford


Facilitated by Michael Sharpe and Professor Veena Sahajwalla, this session paired AMCG and NSW Circular with local Rotary members and local businesses to discuss their participation in the circular economy and ways of working together.


  • Michael Sharpe – AMGC Federal Director, Industry
  • Professor Veena Sahajwalla – NSW Circular Director
  • Rotary members and local businesses

Outcome and next steps

Attendees discussed various circular economy issues with Veena and Michael. AMGC and NSW Circular will provide additional information and support as required.

Event 2: The Path to a Circular Economy (panel discussion)

Venue: Gosford RSL Club, 26 Central Coast Highway, West Gosford


This sold out event introduced the NSW Central Coast audience to the benefits of a circular economy. Panellists shared examples of their innovative work in waste and the re-use of materials and how this has economic and social benefits. The event was attended by local industry and business leaders, government representatives, researchers and local community groups.

Key messaging

Focusing on agribusiness, the primary message at this event was how the circular economy creates new opportunities for designing high value products, start-ups, new technologies and ideas in a regional environment.


  • Michael Sharpe – National Director Industry, AMGC (facilitator)
  • Professor Veena Sahajwalla – Director, NSW Circular
  • Ashley Brinson – Co-director, NSW Circular
  • Debbie Hambly – Project Manager, Milk Bottle Collective
  • Ian Hudson – Deputy Director, Industry Capability Network
  • Tim Askew – Regional Project Manager, Hunter Joint Organisation of Councils
  • Michael Ebert – Environment Specialist, Nespresso
  • Brooke Donnelly – CEO, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)
  • Paul Klymenko – CEO, Planet Ark
  • Nishi Vissamraju – National Environmental Sustainability Advisor, Transport and Infrastructure, Downer Group
  • Jodi Boylan – Producer ‘The War on Waste’ (Lune Media)


A sell-out crowd of 150+ attended, representing industry, government and business from the Central Coast, Hunter and Sydney


New contacts were made, and collaborative opportunities will be pursued over the coming months.

Feedback from panellists

“It was a pleasure participating in this event. We met a few companies that were looking for assistance right away.”
Ian Hudson, Industry Capability Network

“It was a great event.”
Paul Klymenko, Planet Ark

“Thanks for the opportunity and your excellent organisational skills (and your team I’m sure).  It went very smoothly, and I have some great contacts already through LinkedIn.”
Tim Askew, Hunter Joint Organisation of Councils

“It was my absolute pleasure to participate in this event – thank you for the wonderful opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed the extremely engaging session and positive discussions. Looking forward to future such events and supporting in whatever way I can.”
Nishi Vissamraju, Downer Group

“Thanks for inviting me and I am glad it went well. It was a tremendous turn out and very warm room. I had lots of lovely conversations post the panel with various individuals.”
Jodi Boylan, Lune Media (The War on Waste)



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