Pilot Projects

NSW Circular is engaging in a number of collaborative pilot projects to help deliver localised circular economy outcomes and solutions. Pilot projects are an important part of stakeholder engagement and help showcase best practice solutions to common waste and recycling challenges.

What they are

NSW Circular Pilot Projects are initiatives that exemplify circular economy theories in practice. They are led by local circular economy champions and partners, and demonstrate feasible solutions to waste problems, with social, economic or environmental impacts for the region and the potential to be scaled or replicated in NSW. They could involve redesigning a product or service to be more circular in nature, reforming waste outputs from a business into value-added products, or setting up an entirely new supply chain to divert waste from landfill.

Why they matter

Pilot Projects matter because none of us can address the waste crisis alone. The current systems of commerce are collaborative, and so must be the solutions to achieve circular economy outcomes. By demonstrating even small scale benefits in practice, we can show that these initiatives can be scaled and/or replicated at a state, national or even a global level to bring about change.

What you bring

Feasible ideas in any stage of conception, that address a current or future waste stream such as plastics, glass, textiles, metals or organics (or a combination of these). These ideas should involve different stakeholders, including government, industry, research organisations, or community and diverse geographical regions in NSW. You’ll be the local champion for your idea or organisation, and drive the project to success.

What we offer

By being approved as a NSW Circular Pilot Project, we can offer:

  • Access to expertise in the fields of design, production and science
  • Independent commissioned research and analysis capabilities
  • Connectivity to leading researchers, materials supply chains, and end-users
  • Promotion and exposure for your initiatives to amplify your impact and message

Read the posts below to learn more about our Pilot Projects.

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