november, 2020

24nov9:00 am4:00 pmBuilding Circularity: Why our Renaissance needs to be a perfect circleThis is a firecracker virtual symposium with fantastic leaders from the built environment9:00 am - 4:00 pm Event Organized By: The Fifth Estate Event Type :NSW Circular Hosted Events

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Our world is running out of resources. We need to conserve and reuse those we have, especially in the built environment.We need to design better, build better and fast-track better technology and research into alternative materials.

So what are the best architects and engineers globally, including in Australia and New Zealand, doing to radically reduce embodied carbon and waste in our buildings? How will this fast track the circular economy?

This is a firecracker virtual symposium with fantastic leaders from the built environment. If you have anything to do with building new or conserving our existing building stock, you need to be at The Fifth Estate’s  Building Circularity: Why our Renaissance needs to be a perfect circle.

Key speakers and presenters

  • Ninotschka Titchkosky, Co-Chief Executive Officer, BVN
  • Chris Trott, Partner and Head of Sustainability, Norman Foster + Partners
  • Muir Livingstone, Partner, Norman Foster & Partners (Sydney)
  • Dr Caroline Noller, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The Footprint Company
  • Paul Stoller, Director – Melbourne and Sydney, Atelier Ten
  • David Chandler, NSW Building Commissioner
  • MC – Maria Atkinson, Maria Atkinson Consultancy


A global perspective – When 2020 changed the world (and we all woke up) 

Let’s stretch this target – the global ambition with FAANGS and more

What’s happening on the global stage, and on our front doorstep?

Big global corporates are setting net zero targets and strong embodied carbon reductions. Their suppliers are obliged to follow. Most of the FAANGS (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet) are in, and Microsoft wants to offset its prior emissions. They’re pressuring their suppliers (banks included) to follow suit. Hail the era of effective policies, driven by the private sector, enabled by AE (architects and engineers). Governments, where are you?

Our circular ambition – when design met technology and the future we want 

A look at some of the best in design, research and science – robotics, circular materials, 3d printing, regenerative design, and possible futures.

It’s about creating great buildings that we love and will improve with age.

How do we build this thing? When design meets construction’s cool light of day and discovers an alternative dimension (strange, different) 

Designing out waste and carbon emissions is one thing. Delivering these buildings is another. It’s time for genius thinking and amazing technology in robotics, prefab, materials and precision building – the whole ecology of how we build.

As NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler puts it, it’s not so much about changing an industry, it’s about changing an ecosystem. None of it is easy.

The Spanish-ish Materials Inquisition – What are the materials we want and do the new ones meet the grade?

What’s happening with materials new and old?

Be they forged in true low carbon faith or be they counterfeits to our net zero illuminations?

Who’s keeping count of the carbon and how?

Our expert judges will ask the hard questions, the audience can add their own:

  • Sustainability and evidence based measurability
  • Downstream, or upstream, contaminants
  • Reality of supply
  • Commercial viability
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Durability

The developers – what do the developers think? What’s stopping them doing more? Where are the barriers and how can we break them down?


(Tuesday) 9:00 am - 4:00 pm