Marrick & Co by Mirvac


Oct 4, 2019

Project purpose

NSW Circular partnered with Mirvac in developing circular economy solutions for the display apartment of its new residential and community development called Marrick & Co, which is NSW’s first One Planet Living (OPL) community. Part of the OPL guidelines is around material reuse. This pilot project involved collaborating with researchers at UNSW’s Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) Centre in reforming waste into new, beautiful products to give new life to these forms of waste.

This involved using the SMaRT Centre microfactory technology – in collaboration with a renowned designer – to produce from waste plastic, glass and textiles a series of furniture and other ornamental pieces including a dining table, side table and bedside tables. This project also involved collaborating with Coco Republic in terms of styling for the display unit, which was unveiled at an event on 2 October 2019.


Read about the collaborative project in The Domain


Mirvac’s General Manger of Design, Marketing and Sales, Diana Sarcasmo, said the experiment in bringing together art, design and engineering technology at Marrick & Co underscored the huge potential in recycling to reduce waste in a way that benefited the housing and design industries. “Pairing Professor Sahajwalla and her SMaRT Centre team with Emma Elizabeth continues our efforts to drive behavioural change by highlighting the ways in which materials can be given a second life to create something entirely new that is both practical and beautiful.”

Professor Sahajwalla said the Marrick & Co collaboration demonstrated how a Circular Economy that aims at eliminating waste and promoting the continual use and re-use of resources including waste can deliver economic, social and environmental benefits. “It’s a far more sustainable approach from the ‘take, make, waste’ system, which results in the loss of resources and ever-growing landfill,” said Professor Sahajwalla. It was great being able to work with design heavyweights like Mirvac, Coco Republic and Emma Elizabeth. Their histories and experience brought a real passion and push to get a beautiful and considered outcome that has a strong local story. It is through collaborative projects like this that we can demonstrate the practical benefits of a circular economy approach and how true progress can be made in the materials and environment space.”

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