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The circular economy represents a unique and significant opportunity: $210 billion to Australia’s GDP by 2050. New businesses, new products, infrastructure and services are needed. Businesses, researchers, government, and every one of us has a role to play.

The world is changing fast, and in many ways, it needed to. The linear, throw-away, flush-and-forget era is coming to an end. We simply don’t have enough virgin resources to sustain population growth at current consumption rates. The linear economic approach is unsustainable – unable to stay productive or keep us healthy and safe during the COVID pandemic.

We all need to adapt to a new reality, defined by zero-carbon, resilience and wellness. It’s time to grow the new economy.

Budget 2021-22: What it means for the Circular Economy


Key sectors that will catalyse the Australian circular economy


Latest Report

NSW Circular today released its report The Circular Economy Opportunity which sets out the evidence for why transitioning from a linear to a circular economy will be vital for job creation and economic recovery post-COVID-19.

The report, which brings together for the first time a snapshot on the circular economy in NSW, highlights how NSW can unlock a jobs, growth and resource boom and be the powerhouse of circular economy innovation in Australia.

“The circular economy can generate up to 50,000 jobs in NSW over the next five years as the circular economy grows and is embraced by industry.” – NSW Circular CEO Lisa McLean


NSW Circular Strategic Plan
A big circular opportunity

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