Case study – Mario Dimovski, entrepreneur

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Mar 26, 2020

Case study – Mario Dimovski, entrepreneur

Mar 26, 2020

NSW Circular recently caught up with Mario Dimovski, entrepreneur and founder of a number of successful businesses that are thriving based on the adoption of circular economy principles.

In fact, Mario’s successes don’t at first appear to be in industries or areas where circular solutions have traditionally come from but he knows both the medium and long term value of sustainability.

Below is a summary of just some of the innovations and businesses Mario has established, and here is a video where he tells NSW Circular about some of the ideas behind his innovations and why he is passionate about helping to create a circular economy.


Who is Plastfix

Plastfix is one of Mario’s creations and is now a global leader in the collision repair industry managing around 40,000 plastic part repairs per year across Australia and New Zealand, establishing a reputation for pioneering new delivery methods of plastic repair solutions, delivering high quality training for technicians, and the development of specialty tools and automated equipment. Plastfix is actively investing into research and development, passionate about examining new ways of delivering the highest possible standard of repairs to your business, the industry and the environment. Read on for the circular solutions of this business.

Waste-Motive initiative

The Waste-Motive initiative aims to reduce waste in the industry and focusses on bringing together like-minded companies, government and community groups to work together in achieving sustainability goals being set by the initiative. The core objective is to better manage the industry’s automotive plastic waste.

Over the last 30 years the collision repair industry, vehicles, repair processes, machinery and technology have evolved with todays connected, tech driven fast paced world. Although the management of automotive plastic waste has not changed much during this period, we still find ourselves working in an industry with very little regulation or action being taken on how automotive plastic waste is managed, where it ends up and how it is processed by companies or individuals who pick it up.

In most instances this plastic waste including bumpers and headlights ends up stock-piled in backyards, wrecking yards, stocked on farmland or most frequently it is sent straight into general waste and landfill.

Collaboration key

Plastfix is driving innovation and working towards a number of exciting projects, with some potentially Government co-funded and supported by University research bodies. These range from developing by-products from plastic waste, CAD development, 3D printing, digital QC technologies, new materials and more.

We are actively working to integrate smart technology into the Plastfix model. This has enabled our system the ability to offer a Plug and Play platform ready for deployment in any market, anywhere in the world. Offering a new innovative digital solution including mobile part creating apps and advanced 3D printing materials that replace missing or broken tabs, a world first for the automotive collision repair industry.


What we do

Tradiebot Industries is an innovation company focusing on developing immersive software and hardware solutions for training and information delivery in the automotive and trade sectors.

We are both a pioneer and fast follower of advancing technologies, working with key industry partners, universities, schools and government bodies to showcase the very best of industrial innovation and digital transformation.

We are developing advanced systems using technology such as augmented reality, virtual environments and 3D systems that integrate and evolve seamlessly with businesses, industry and education networks.

Information delivery

Our online and mobile digital tools have the ability to provide instant rich knowledge to the current and next generation workforce in order to perform repairs, service or  undertake training. Current forms of information delivery include printing or downloading heavy files that then need to be filtered through in order to get the information required which can then also be outdated and not in line with current social trends.

With the growing demand to attain information instantly via smart devices, Tradiebot has now been able to provide access to repair methods and receive on the job training and real time updates with the touch of a screen.  in the automotive and trade sectors.

Immersive environments

Generation Y and Z have been surrounded by innovative technologies such as portable computing, virtual reality and video games their whole lives. Our solutions combine these technologies in order to be able to connect with students and stimulate interest whilst also promoting trades as a pathway to a secure and prosperous career choice.  Training has never been easier with the flexibility of having any room able to be transformed into a training facility.

Tradiebot’s Virtual Reality industrial training solutions harness engaging, interactive and immersive teaching methods to increase training speed and effectiveness, while reducing costs and negative environmental impacts. Users are placed in realistic virtual environments and exposed to simulated training scenarios, while receiving real-time feedback and ongoing progress tracking.
Working with industry leaders, we have developed a Virtual Spray-Paint Training Simulator for use in classrooms, training centres, and exhibitions. This Virtual Reality training solution reduces OH&S risk and costs associated with consumables, location and logistics, all while increasing user engagement, appealing to the next generation, stimulating industry interest, and improving training outcomes.



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